On last weeks episode of Friends Talking Nerdy, we teased the appearance of a special guest on the show. Well the moment of truth is here.

On the next episode of Friends Talking Nerdy, we’ll be interviewing comic book writer Nick Marino, writer of Holy F*ck, Holy F*cked, and the latest release Cougar and Cub. We discuss the creative process in the creation of Cougar and Cub with his partners Daniel Arruda Massa and Rosie Knight. We also talk about some of the troubles he had with the publisher of Cougar and Cub.

Join us this Thursday for the latest episode of Friends Talking Nerdy with our special guest, Nick Marino. During the week, we’ll also post older reviews I wrote for some of Nick’s earlier work. You can purchase Cougar and Cub at this link. Download the podcast from iTunes or the Overcast app.