The New York Post has an interesting article about movie tastes and how they vary between older and younger folks. FYE ran a poll between Millennials and older folks to see what movies they preferred. They discovered that Millennials tended to like more modern fare while older folks tended to stay with the classics.

No shit. Entertainment is based on what we relate to. It is not unheard of for someone to find it hard to appreciate older forms of entertainment because those works were made for audiences of that time. And let’s face it, your choices in entertainment are going to be focused on your interests and what you grew up on. Making fun of Millennials for not appreciating a movie like Once Upon A Time In The West is yet another instance of crap tossed on their backs for simply doing what others have done throughout the ages, and that’s appreciate entertainment they like.

These types of lists can be good at stirring debate. While there is no such thing as “the greatest movie of all time” simply because that is purely a subjective answer, these types of lists can help people discover, in this case, a movie they may not have known existed that they may appreciate. Looking to marginalize a group, in this case Millennials, because they don’t appreciate movies that typically land on “the greatest of all time” lists, is not fair, especially since younger folks, heaven forbid, have their own tastes.