NXT: Takeover Brooklyn 3 wrapped up tonight and boy was it a doozy. While there were some amazing matches on the show, especially the championship match between Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre, the closing of the show will have a major impact on the WWE for years to come.

Drew McIntyre beat Bobby Roode to become the new NXT Champion. At the end of the match, former Ring of Honor mainstays Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish, known as the tag team reDragon in Ring of Honor, made their way to the ring and confronted McIntyre. Just as McIntyre got close to them, someone came out of nowhere. That someone was former three time Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole.

This is a major get for the WWE. If I had to describe Adam Cole, he would be a cross between Shawn Michaels and Triple H. If those two had a love child, that kids name would be Adam Cole. He’s great on the mic and most importantly, can bring it in the ring. And being in his late 20’s, for all those fans that want someone to replace Roman Reigns as the top guy in the WWE, that guy just debuted tonight. Baybay!