The House of Mouse is at it again. According to CNBC, Disney is planning on pulling it’s content from Netflix and in 2019, start their own streaming service. There are also plans for ESPN to have its own streaming service starting in 2018 which would include MLB, MLS, and other sporting event content.

High speed internet helped create the ability for companies to control how their content gets into customer’s hands. I think of services like the WWE Network. Wrestling fans are able for a reasonable price to get access to the latest and greatest content from the world of pro wrestling as well as a vast library of classic content. People have shown with cord cutting that while they have no problem paying the kind of money people previously paid to cable companies for content, they want to make sure their money is only given to content they approve of. They no longer want to pay a lavish amount of money for channels they never watch.

The problem with this over the top model right now is the sheer volume of companies that are hopping aboard the streaming train. To get the amount of content that people are used to, they would have to pay a lot more money to these over the top providers than they would for a traditional cable package. While you could argue that someone could maneuver  between these services by utilizing free months or temporarily suspend service in order to pay for another, you’re creating more work for the user to make sure they keep up with these changes.

We live in unique times. Having over the top streaming services directly from the entertainment providers with limited to no commercials is a dream come true. Yet more and more, we as the consumer are being swamped with over the top services with each company fighting to get their own share of the pie. Where will this lead us the next few years? Sound off in the comments section below.