The internet has gone crazy today due to the first official images of Josh Brolin as the titular character Cable from the upcoming movie Deadpool 2. Before Brolin was cast, there was speculation among fans as to who would be best to play the character of Cable.  Fans were caught by surprise that Josh Brolin, who is also playing Thanos in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie, got the role.

Josh Brolin is one hell of an actor. The team behind the Deadpool movies has earned my trust to this point. While I did expect a more roided up image and a much bigger gun, I can get behind Josh Brolin as the foil for Deadpool in the upcoming movie. The only concern I have is the absence of Tim Miller as the director. David Leitch is a good director in his own right, what with his work on the John Wick series as well as Atomic Blonde. The only unknown here is if he can execute comedy as well he does action.