Boing Boing is reporting that the TSA is unaware why United Airlines thought comic books were banned from checked in luggage after this years San Diego Comic Con. People returning home from this years festivities were in for a rude awakening when United told them they couldn’t leave comics in their checked in bags which, for anyone that has attended a comic con, can be a lot of books. United tried to say the TSA was responsible for the decision. Now the TSA states they don’t know what United Airlines is talking about.

Imagine that! No one wants to take responsibility yet in the end, the general public is the one that ends up screwed. When you fly, you of course want to be as safe as possible. Yet the airlines and the TSA have taken that and made it to where the average citizen is made to feel like a criminal because they want to attend a comic con or heaven forbid, see their relatives.

And when it comes to the airlines, what recourse do people have? With consolidation of the airlines keeping choices low, you really have no choice but to deal with nonsense like this if you want to travel. What could you possibly do? Switch to another airline and experience the same, random nonsense? Or choose Southwest Airlines and end up sitting in a sardine can 30,000 feet in the air?

We as a country need to decide what we want for security in air travel. Yes, there are dangers in the world that, with no security whatsoever, could lead to some very bad results. Yet the reverse, what we experience today if we try to travel, is the extreme opposite. There has to be a middle ground where airlines can maintain safety on their flights without making their customers feel like criminals because they want to bring some comic books in their luggage.