Black Widow is one of my favorite characters. Natasha Romanoff for me is one of the most complex character’s in Marvel’s cast of characters. Originally a Russian spy, she defects to America and ends up being a key member of The Avengers. Scarlett Johansson portrays her beautifully in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with her inclusion in Iron Man 2.

Due to her importance in the Marvel Universe, Marvel is coming out with a new book about the history of the character. Gizmodo brings news that¬†Black Widow: Creating the Avenging Super-Spy¬†is in stores now, detailing the fifty plus years of the character. The book includes art from all eras of Black Widow’s career as well as interviews with artists and writers that helped make the character who she is today.

I’m really excited for this book. With the amount of content containing Black Widow that Marvel has to offer, it’s easy for someone to feel overwhelmed when they want to learn a little about a character they discover. Books like this go a long way to get people up to speed without having to get a PHD in advanced Marvel studies. (Though Marvel has the Marvel Unlimited app which is the closest thing you need for said doctorate.) Hearing the hows and whys the artists and creators faced in creating the character is great too, giving us as readers more insight as to why certain choices were made. As a writer myself, I love hearing why certain choices were made in stories as it gives me valuable tips for character creation in my own work.

Marvel does a great job in providing material like this to get their fans caught up. While, like any company, they suffer through periods of creative fatigue, like they’re facing now, they make more of an effort to get fans up to speed on their characters compared to DC in this writers opinion. If you have the cash, check this book out.